Saturday, April 12, 2008

Effective Contextual Advertising Methods

Refining your AdSense advertising program to cater to the needs of the most Web traffic is both an art and a science. The growth of social networking and blogging networks is encouraging people to click on advertising that is specific to their needs and behavior, and can benefit them in the long run. Contextual advertising is a fairly new advertising module that lets you launch effective ad campaigns by mining and scanning your user’s behavior. For example, when a user is consistently showing interest in a particular link, Web page, or subject, contextual ads can pop up that relate to that behavior specifically.

Contextual advertising has been introduced on the major search engines, including MSN, Yahoo!, and Google. Google’s Gmail currently uses the concept as a “banner” on the top of the user’s Gmail account. The system looks at the most frequent keywords within an e-mail and elicits ads accordingly! Contextual advertising helps advertisers target their advertising directly to people who are more likely to click on them! This gives you, the AdSense advertiser, a higher return on investment (ROI) and better prospects for your advertising campaign in the long term.

Click-through rates and pay-per-clicks (PPC) are the key reinforcers of contextual advertising, and it is through these that you can gauge how well your site and set of ads are doing. The only way you can accurately determine what to use is by trying! Since contextual advertising programs are fairly new to the Web, there is some room for trial and error. However, because your ROI is much higher than with regular click-through and basic AdSense programs, you will likely see more effectiveness with this strategy.

Google is currently leading the way with contextual advertising techniques, tips, and tricks to increase value and search engine optimization overall. Google’s fantastic search engines are market leaders in data mining and extraction, and the process is only improving each day! Microsoft is attempting its version of click-through and pay-per-click advertising with ContentAds. ContentAds allow publishers to use the MSN portal and data to create unique demographic-specific advertising with text-based advertisements. There are also extensive tools and resources available for ContentAd users.

Ad placement, combined with the best type of ad for a given subject, are your key resources for an effective AdSense program. Making use of contextual advertising methods and programs is a smart choice as more Web users begin to ignore traditional advertising methods. Contextual advertising lets you target Web traffic specifically to the user’s interests and past behavior; catering your AdSense program toward a contextual advertising is a smart and cost-effective strategy in the long term!

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